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27, Belgium, and I attend many a saucage fest in pursuit of the riff. Mostly the heavy, fast, low or slow riff.

This set is sooo good. Check the Goran Geto track at 36m and try not to wander into dreamscapes.

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Loco Loco fest 2014, the fest I organize with a couple of friends.


Loke Rahbek and Frederikke Hoffmeier by Scout Paré-Phillips


anotherworldisinevitable: you’re the best. xoxoxoxo

If only you knew how great you are! xoxox

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Spring is in the air, time for sunshine with friends


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Me always

me 2. ive never smoked a cigarette in my life

Except when I’m drunk

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Reblogging this for memories, not boobs…

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"You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy."

Charles Manson
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Not that it matters but…

if anyone EVER sees a copy of the The Endless Blockade - Twitch Of The Death Nerve for sale, give me a heads up. It’s the only recording I’m missing.

Yeah, I’m a fanboy.

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Looks like freedom - feels like death

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Wolf Down - Stray From The Path

Heavy ass female fronted hardcore, be about it.

are they from Germany? I think I played with them there and I could never again remember their name.

Yeah they are :D

Wolf Down are awesome! But isn’t it sad that female-fronted hardcore bands are still considered an anomaly, to the point where this fact is always highlighted?

I went to see Landverraad in Berlin on Saturday - they are similarly described as a female-fronted hardcore band - and Marina, the female ‘front’, was talking about this. exact. issue.

When men form bands, sing, play lead or the drums, write music, perform etc, their band will never be defined by their gender or sex. It’s not considered an achievement, or something to be applauded and celebrated. Why? Because it’s still considered the norm.

I find that sad.

I thought about whether or not to include the “female fronted” part or just post the video, but I felt that people would pay attention more if I added it, and this band deserves attention. Hopefully it keeps making for more good conversation amongst people at least.

Agreed. More female fronted bands that deserve every attention: the Charm, the Fury from Holland and Oathbreaker (so fucking awesome) from Belgium.

Actually, since every hardcore, metal and punk show is a saucage fest and 95% of the bands are all-male bands, it’s not so weird that people highlight the fact that the band has a non-saucage member. On a related note: stop making a fucking drama of everything. 

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Death Grips - No Love

Be my fucking valentine

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