Another World Is Inevitable

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27, Belgium, and I attend many a saucage fest in pursuit of the riff. Mostly the heavy, fast, low or slow riff.

Do you remember the day when we started to crossfade?

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Thinking of taking a 6 month course in Japanese in Tokyo

…If I can afford it.

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Late night misanthropy.

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This is the wrong arm of @damiendone. And i quote: the asshole crooning over your pornmovie. If you like the voice on #jfaisdupornoetjaimeca, follow this man. His #damiendone project is now up- for down-load on his .bandcamp url. Best spent 5$.

GOOD (the porno as well btw)

Oh shit! I forgot about the Thou collab! Yeah, that's ace too… just not quite as ace as this haha. Nah, you're thinking of the moon one with Haxan Cloak. This is 'Master We Perish'- basically just more of 'All The Waters..' if I'm honest :p

Oh ok, I only have the S/T LP and that’s… not very exciting :p Should check the ones you mentionned, but I doubt it’ll be my thing. Did they got across the channel on their tour and did you catch em?

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Healed Napalm Death skull

And we expire in boundless bliss. All and None in One.

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Super Rich Kids

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Released from love.

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